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Daily Bread is a childrens’ home in East London, South Africa which cares for childrren whose home circumstances are found to be inadequate by the courts. We support these children to become independent, self sustaining adults with the necessary skills to take on the world. We are registered with the Department of Social Development and host 100 children from the Eastern Cape aged 3 to 18. Our children live in family units and are supported by child care workers, social workers and teachers from the on-site school run by the Department of Education. The home is located on two farms, 6km from the East London airport.

Our goal is to support children to overcome their sometimes-difficult starts in life and leave Daily Bread with usable skills to be self sufficient once they leave us. Our promise to every child in our care includes supporting them to obtain skills training, a driver’s licence, an introduction to independent living, a sense of belonging and a Christian worldview.


The Daily Bread Charitable Missions Trust was established in 1987 to address unemployment and the needs of destitute people in East London and surrounding areas. A shelter was established for street children and in 1992 the Daily Bread Child and Youth Care Centre was established and became the sole focus of the Trust.

Structure and governance

Our legal entity is the Daily Bread Missions Charitable Trust, trading as Daily Bread Child and Youth Care Centre. We are registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) and as a public benefit organisation (PBO). Our trustees and the Management Board ensure good governance, oversight and transparency. We publish an annual report and audited financials each year and have received clean audits every year for the past 20 years.

Frequently Asked Question

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Where do children come from?
When social workers in the Eastern Cape identify a child is in need of care then they initiate a court process to place the child into care. Once a court order is received the Department of Social Development identifies a childrens’ home and places the child there. When Daily Bread receives a child then our social workers take over responsibility for the child who is then welcomed, interviewed and placed in one of our six houses based on age, sex and background.
How old are children?
Most children in our care are between 5 and 18 years old. In some circumstances younger children are accepted (e.g. they have a sibling at Daily Bread) and if an older child is on track to complete Grade 12 then they can sometimes stay on until age 21.
Are children orphans?
Sometimes but not always. Social workers in the community identify children who need support. This may be because they are orphans but there are many other causes too.
How many children at Daily Bread?
We can accommodate 117 children but currently receive funding from the Department of Social Development for 100 children.
Can children visit family and friends?
Yes this is encouraged. Twice a year during school holidays children have the opportunity to go home. In addition family are welcome to visit by appointment.
Are children of different religions allowed at Daily Bread?
Children of all religions are welcome at Daily Bread. The are exposed to Christian values and teaching are required to take part in Sunday church services.
Where do our Child Care workers (who fulfil a parent role for children) come from?
Staff are recruited from the local communities around East London.
Where does Daily Bread’s funding come from?
The Department of Social Development provides a subsidy for each child at Daily Bread. Additional fundraising is required to improve facilities and employ additional staff.
What are Daily Bread’s most urgent needs?
We are always in need of childrens’ clothing and shoes, especially for older boys. We are currently fundraising to improve our electricity infrastructure and to build additional accommodation for children and staff.
What is Daily Bread’s vision?
Our motto is Live, Love, Learn. We aim to support children in a loving and constructive environment to develop into adults that can contribute to society and the economy.
Why should I support Daily Bread?
We have an excellent track record and nurture children in need. Unemployment in the East London area is very high and we need your support to train and grow children to play a meaningful role in the economy and in the community.

We all experience a flood of negative news every day. Daily Bread provides an opportunity break this negative cycle and to contribute to a positive cause that has proven itself to be accountable and transparent for 30 years.

Meet our amazing staff

Our staff include the director, admin assistant, two social workers, approx. 30 child care workers, supervisors, drivers and groundsmen.

Care for children at Daily Bread


Daily Bread is situated on two farms, 6km inland from the East London airport, on the R346.
The Daily Bread campus covers about 3 ha and is fenced off as a separate area.

There are six houses which each accommodate approx. 16 children and two child care workers (house parents). Additionally there is a some staff accommodation, an admin block, a central kitchen, a church hall, an e-library, a library with computer facilities, recreation room and gym. Externally we have a netball court and a soccer field.

We also have an on-site school, the Amasango Career School which is run by the Department of Education and provides schooling for grades 1 to 9. Children in grades 10, 11 and 12 are transported to local high schools.

Daily Bread runs its own Early Childhood Development classes for children aged 3 to 6.

Emotional Growth and Development

On a day to day basis the house parents play an important role in providing a stable and happy family environment in each house. Social workers monitor the development and wellbeing of children and provide counselling when necessary, supported by psychologists from the University of Fort Hare.

Intellectual Growth and Development

Apart from formal schooling children are encouraged to read, learn English and become computer literate.

Spiritual Growth and Development

Daily Bread is a Christian organisation and children are encouraged to pray and know their bible and respect Christian values. We are supported by Rev James Yung and his wife Sonny who run Sunday services and teach after-school classes. They also arrange for Korean volunteers to visit Daily Bread.

Skills Development

This is an area of increasing importance at Daily Bread. We support children to develop a skill which will help them support themselves once they leave Daily Bread. Skills programmes are developing rapidly and include shoemaking, hairdressing, sewing, gardening/agriculture, English conversation, shopping and running the tuck shop, library and programme coordination.


Children take part in netball, soccer and boxing. Saturday matches are arranged locally and against other childrens’ homes. We are looking for support to expand these programmes.


We run a music school for children and they learn voice, keyboard, guitar and drums. They play in the Sunday services supported by the Daily Bread choir.

Once we raise the necessary funding we plan an independent living programme for children when they leave Daily Bread.

Groups of children have taken part in the President’s awards (https://presidentsaward.co.za/) for the past three years, and 10 children have recently joined and cubs and scouts. https://www.scouts.org.za/scouts-near-you/


We have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Buffalo City TVET http://www.bccollege.co.za/, in partnership with the Black Farmers Association of SA and the Institute of Applied Alchemy. This agreement covers the use of Daily Bread land for the development of agricultural teaching facilities.

We have working relationships with Fort Hare University to provide psychological support to children, and work closely with Man on a Mission and Youth With a Mission East London https://www.ywameastlondon.com/

We appreciate the support of individuals and local organisations who provide valued donations.


Our promise to Daily Bread children is to support them to have, by the time they leave Daily Bread at age 18:
This is a work in progress and we require funding and support to implement this fully. A fundraising campaign is being launched in 2022 to fund this.

Major capital projects include: