Aspirational Statement

Children abandoned, children neglected, children abused. When they come through our secured gates, having been extracted from the broken remains of what they once called home, they are lightly labelled “the lucky ones”. But spare a thought for their future – what now? Who will heal them and help them? Who will encourage them, strengthen them and educate them? Who will they become? Where is the loving community that will inspire them, shape them and be an example to them?

Our commitment

To live life with them. Come what may, our time to reshape a life is limited. From the innocent 6-year old, to the little girl just touching womanhood, to the 18-year old entrant to adult society, our mission is clear-cut, urgent and simple…

  • Love them genuinely
  • Nurture and nourish them
  • Empower them to deal with the pain of their past and to forgive
  • Teach them about values, decisions and responsibilities
  • Give them employable skills and good schooling
  • Surround them with friends
  • Return them to society with immeasurably more than they had when they first arrived