Daily Bread Child and Youth Care Centre was established in 1992 by concerned citizens of East London through the Daily Bread Missions Charitable Trust. The Centre, which is registered with the Department of Social Development, is situated on two farms twenty kilometers from East London. It operates as a home and place of safety for children between the ages of 6 and 18, all of whom are placed under the care of Daily Bread by order of the Court.

A brief history of the Centre is explained as follows:


The Daily Bread Charitable Missions Trust is established to address unemployment and the needs of destitute people.


A shelter is established for street children.


Daily Bread Child and Youth Care Centre (as it is currently known) is established and becomes the sole focus of the Trust.


A new residential unit is developed and all children are moved onto one farm.


Land is provided to a nearby informal community for the cultivation of vegetable gardens as part of reaching others.


Netball courts and soccer fields are developed, and Lotto funds are allocated for the building of new homes.


A new strategic focus is defined, and construction of new homes commences.


A master plan is developed for the future development of Daily Bread Child and Youth Care Centre.